Commissions & Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits are my favorite challenge.  I never miss an opportunity to capture someone’s beloved friend.  Using bright colors but avoiding any the client doesn’t want, I work to bring out the unique spark that makes the personality of the critter shine through.  

The first step in painting a portrait of your pet is to meet them. Sometimes this isn’t possible. I bet you have a great photo (or 1,000) of the pet. For example, kitties are often worried about strangers, but you have had a chance to see them looking relaxed or playing with a favorite toy. If I can meet your pet, I work from a video taken outside at their level. You may share your favorite photos or videos with me. Either way, I’m sure we can find a reference image.


11″ x 14″

12″ x 12″

16″ x 16″

16″ x 20″

20″ x 20″

24″ x 24″

24″ x 30″









If you want the painting to be larger, we can come to an agreement.

Include additional critters $100 each

In order to begin I will need the following information:


“I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know my husband absolutely LOVED the portrait of Stormy.  When he began opening the gift, he saw your name and knew it was a painting by you.  He said he thought it was the two blue cats he’d seen and admired during the Loudon Artist Tour when we purchased the blue bunting.  But when he saw that it was Stormy, he was literally in tears.  We both feel that you captured her so well.  It hangs in a visible spot where we will see and appreciate it every day.

You may feel like I do, that as we age and are married a few years, gift-giving can have its challenges.  We all have so much already or we may just purchase what we want/need.  Thanks for helping me “nail it” in the gift-giving department this year!  I may never live up to this one. “

Kathy SR

“Linda’s pet portraits are like dogs, you can’t have just one. As our furry family grew so did our collection of Linda’s work. Colorful, uplifting and in a clairvoyant way she captures the essence of each animal she paints. We are proud to be one of Linda’s many furry groupies!”

Lynn MW