Life with oodles of opportunities is an excellent description of my path until now!

Growing up in Minnesota gave me long winters of drawing, such as a portrait of my Madame Alexander doll in her Dutch costume, and horses. I remember walking into the building where I did a Saturday art program; it smelled of turpentine and linseed oil—heaven. Uphill, through the snow, a few blocks from school was a victorian home where my after-school art class was in the turret.  Whose creativity wouldn’t be inspired by such surroundings?

I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Teaching degree from the University of Arizona and a graduate degree in Consumer Education from Idaho State University. Later, living in Europe for nearly ten years, I could soak in different cultures and see first-hand objects of art I had only studied. One can more easily remember a particular cathedral, for example, when you have explored Notre Dame before the fire, climbing the steps to be eye level with the gargoyles.

Fresh air, quiet time to start my day, great friends, and a good nap makes for balance in my life. Colorful and happy, if my work brings a smile to your face and joy to your heart, I consider my mission accomplished!

I hike and ski, learning how to see the world around me! Often there is a sketchbook or set of watercolors in a pocket or my pack for “rest” moments. If I can take my Border Terrier, Oliver along, so much the better! Lately, I have been pushing myself up the steep path of translating my hikes into successful landscapes that have “my voice.”

The Great Creator has made perfection, but I know he has created me to see and offer my version. With first-hand experience, sketches, photos, or videos, I set to work in the studio to recreate those extraordinary adventures.