Acrylic Adventure
5-day workshop

Embark on an exciting new Acrylic Adventure.  No matter your artistic level, come explore the basics and versatility of working in acrylics while learning about line, color, texture, composition, and mixed media.

Using a still life set up as our trail for the Acrylic Adventure we will loosen up and “learn” the display by drawing it from several angles.  This will give the artist a unique interpretation of the arrangement of objects observed. This also leads to creating an individual mark more inventive than reality.   In addition, it teaches us how to see, to take note of details we may have missed.  Later, while painting and when necessary, the setup is available for reference. One week the still life will be mostly red, the next mostly blue, the third week mostly yellow.  This will create opportunities to explore color theory, composition styles and allow for all levels of acrylic adventure training.

Leave the run of the mill grind behind and come with a childlike curiosity and desire to explore the new territory of “what if” and “let’s try”.  Discover your favorite way to work. What is your passion…how does that translate into subject matter?  Look up to new heights, try on different sizes, look out over great vistas.  No adventure is complete without new discoveries of tools, materials, ideas, and practices.  Linda Hendrickson will guide you on the track and at your pace to provide as much or as little direction as you would like.

5-day workshop, Fridays and Saturdays October 21, November 10,11,17,18

$250,  Supplies will be provided for $50 if this is your first or second experience with Linda’s classes.   If you are an experienced student here is the supply list.

10-2:00 bring a sack lunch.

Workshop will be at my studio in Gainesville VA, further details provided upon registration. You MUST register to attend.